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An empty LEGO store opened in London!

An empty LEGO store opened in London!
Bare walls, no vendors — just a small Snapcode at the entrance. What should you do? Scan the code, and you will immediately get into the virtual Lego Wear boutique. DJ stand and music speakers, slot machines and floor with pimples — as if you yourself have turned into a lego-man! Clothes from virtual figures can in reality be bought. What a project! With the help of ARROUND, anyone can build his or her home in a similar style. Geolocation binding, movement animation, interaction with 3D-objects — all these functions are already available on our platform. Look around — maybe we are already in the game https://www.independent.ie/world-news/and-finally/snapchat-augmented-reality-turns-empty-store-into-virtual-lego-shop-37811561.html

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