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By 2020, 100 million users will be making purchases in AR

By 2020, 100 million users will be making purchases in AR
According to Gartner’s report, purchases using augmented reality will become an integral part of consumers’ lives over the next two years. The main development driver will be the 5G technology, which will allow to up- and download data and complex 3D animation into AR much faster. The proliferation of high-speed connection can provide mass trading in virtual space.
Nearly half of surveyed retailers plan to start using augmented reality during this year. They note advantages of shopping in AR, among which there are deep individualization and new product demonstration possibilities, as in the app by IKEA that allows you to try virtual furniture in real space.
Large representatives of retail believe that new technologies will change not only communication with the consumer, but also the entire cycle of trade management. Over 100 million consumers will use AR for purchases in a couple of years.
At ARROUND, we strive to ensure that the new universe of augmented reality spreads as naturally as possible. Very soon, our users will be able not only to order goods in AR, but also to build houses, create families, and live real lives.

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