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Burger King is burning rival ads with the help of augmented reality. Focus the camera at the McDonald’s billboard, and flames will rise high into the sky. Show the KFC flyer to your smartphone, and it will turn into the ashes. The new app from Burger King allows you to burn the ads from competitors and get coupon for a free wopper. Birth from the flames is a game on the signature grill cooking method that Burger King has been using since 1954. This has always been a competitive advantage of the company, and a large number of their advertising campaigns use the fire theme. The burning ads concept was developed in Burger King Brazil in order to attract more than half a million consumers. While other companies use AR for destruction, we at the ARROUND universe create infinite space for the most daring marketing decisions. A perpetual canvas on which all the world’s companies and brands can be located to find the shortest way to their consumers.

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