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Fashion AR Show Hit Global Audience

Fashion AR Show Hit Global Audience
Technologies bring fashion beyond the limits of space and time, expanding the field of its influence. Recent developments from London will allow people to attend fashion events from even the most remote corners of the planet. London College of Fashion together with HoloMe developed AR-models of clothes by it’s best students for London Fashion Week. The day before the start of LFW, people from all over the world could watch the show in augmented reality — right from their smartphones. An innovative element of the show was that visual images were superimposed on the environment online. Viewers could point the camera at any surface and see a catwalk in the real world. Usually AR-content is recorded in advance, being superimposed on the real world only after. To achieve this, organizers filmed walking models against the background of rear screen and broadcasted the image through the HoloMe app. The company says that now they can broadcast with 1 million users at the same time on any of the AR, VR, or XR headsets. This shift in the fusion of fashion events and high technology demonstrates important changes in fashion culture. First, with the help of augmented reality, designers will be able to show their collections to more people — regardless of their location — without the flaws of photos or 2D video. Secondly, the fashion will become more inclusive and sociable, communicating directly with consumers. All this fulfills the main task of the show, increasing the interest and loyalty to the brand. Another area of ​​our life is changing under the influence of augmented reality. We in ARROUND are also in fashion and, unlike clothes, we will not leave the trend for the next hundred years.

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