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Apple AR-glasses: extend your reality

Apple AR-glasses: extend your reality

AR glasses are one of the most Apple’s expected product. According to network insider Mukul Sharma, «Apple Corporation» has already created and launched the production of smart iGlasses. The source has not revealed technical features but he assures that smart glasses won’t be much different from usual ones, it will allow you to use the gadget any time and anywhere. Official information about new iGlasses has not appeared, but if the source is right, the glasses will be equipped with a voice assistant Siri, which will allow you to talk on the phone with glasses.

It should be noticed that several models of AR-glasses are available on the market, so the price of Apple will not be lower than $1000 (about 66,000 rubles).

Some experts claim that Apple will present the new product at WWDC 2019, but do not forget that, as a rule, the company usually does not present the main new products at the conference. The only exception was HomePod.

This year, much OS news attention was paid to iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS like cross-platform IOS/macOS development or a new app store for watches. So, Apple wanted to focus developers ' attention on more serious things, so AR glasses are waiting for its time.

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