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Time Machine is Finally Created
The Morgan Library & Museum in New York can now return people to hundreds of years ago. Visitors are going to see the old tapestries of the XVI century, original doors of the building, and even a librarian who lived in the forties. Time travel is now as real as moving in space.
Meeting with the legendary David Bowie, who died in 2016, or a rowing competition with the Vikings, who walked the earth 1000 years ago? This is only a small part of what museum visitors can experience with the help of augmented reality.
AR allows to see images from the deep past and decode them, says Colin B. Bailey, director of the Morgan Library & Museum. According to him, no letters could convey the experience that museum visitors can live with AR visualization.
A lot of museums around the world integrate AR into their projects, breathing new life into the exhibition art. Augmented reality can resurrect the heroes of the past and restore lost or destroyed artifacts, allowing people of the XIX century to exist in a different time.
Today, each AR project requires the development of a separate app. If all the museums will create a special program for their exhibitions, not a single smartphone will be able to contain so much information. ARROUND can solve this problem by incorporating all the virtual tours in fantastic worlds of not only museums but also films, books, and brands. AR makes possible travel to both past and future, as we’re creating the whole universe.

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