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From Rock Painting to the Latest Technology

From Rock Painting to the Latest Technology
Pictures were one of the very first types of communication, yet today we can often misunderstand their meaning when they’re used in messengers.
Even the brand new emoji don’t always convey the feelings and intonations of the message. But guys from DeepMotion seem to have solved this problem in Samsung Galaxy S10!
For new smartphones, they have developed AR-avatars that repeat the movement of a person in real time, reflecting all the facets of his personality — including gestures! This is a new turn in the development of communication, as the body language’s always been an important part of social interaction, allowing a person to endow information with emotive nuances.
According to the developers, emoji are strongly limited in their emotional spectrum: they can show only the face or the movement of the head. And avatars are real bodies full of senses that real people are able to experience. You can dance however you like or turn into a famous character for romantic declaration — and all this in real time!
The technology was developed on the basis of artificial intelligence and computer vision, which allows you to animate the body by mere recording. Physical and digital movements are combined online, recreating the user’s realistic movements.
At ARROUND, we closely follow all the innovations and study technologies to make you able to colonize the ARROUND UNIVERSE with your own recognisable digital copies. Stay tuned for our app updates!

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