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A new way to capture a story!

A new way to capture a story!
Tomorrow, in New York, the traffic of tourists visiting the Museum of the Statue of Liberty and the Immigration Museum on Ellis Island will be limited due to the fact that number of visitors has increased by 600% over the past 10 years, which affected visitors’ impression from the visit. It is ironic that the opportunity to get inside the Statue of Liberty has become so slight! Designer Diana Furstenberg and Apple have already come up with a way out! And besides, this solution is already available in the AppStore for millions of users.
Designer Diana Furstenberg was concerned about this issue:
"The Statue of Liberty belongs to everyone, anyone could contribute to the construction of the sights, so we built it!"
During the year, photo and video materials were collected for accurate modeling of the statue in 3d, and today any Apple user can install the application on his phone and place the statue even in his kitchen, having the opportunity to view the internal structure and the smallest details. Augmented reality worlds multiply daily, but what’s the point if we don’t work together on a single platform? Countless applications will go away, and efforts will be regarded.
We are in ARROUND for creating a mutual universe of augmented reality, it what we exist for! After all, how convenient it is when everything is available in one offer when everything is settled and located without any trouble!

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