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Air New Zealand Makes Its Own AR Game

Air New Zealand, along with Magic Leap and Framestore, have developed the augmented reality game in order to give passengers new opportunities for entertainment while traveling. It’s a quiz revived with with the help of 3D-animation and AR.The game from Air NZ is called the «Fact or Fantasy Game of New Zealand», where users are invited to guess the truth or false of the facts about New Zealand. Holographic images of popular tourist destinations and symbols of the country like whales and kiwi birds appear on a special table made like a topographic map of the state. Users play against each other by pressing the «Fact» and «Fantasy» buttons.To select, users can simply touch the virtual object, which is much more convenient than the controllers in outdated AR technologies. However, the company notes that it is only the first version of the product, and therefore it has some drawbacks: for example, the headset heats up pretty quickly. Thanks to the help of Magic Leap, the technological preparation of the game for the airline was much easier and cheaper. Magic Leap is also working with other airlines on similar projects. Soon, the game will be presented at the TRENZ tourism conference in order to gauge the interest of tour operators. Air New Zealand believes that AR can create completely new in-flight entertainment options. Augmented reality has already captured the earth and is now rising into the sky. In some way, ARROUND too is an airline that transports its users to a new universe of unlimited imagination.

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