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The Battle of Birds and Pigs Goes Into Our Dimension

The action of the new Angry Birds game will take place in augmented reality, where users will be able to shoot at the vicious pigs in three-dimensional space. Angry Birds: Isle of Pigs will create a whole world for the players in AR so that they could destroy fortresses and save the chicks from invaders.
The VR version of the game was released in February 2019 for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, but the AR version will be available on any iOS device older than the iPhone 6S. The game has the same mechanics as the original Angry Birds: using a slingshot, you have to shoot birds in fortifications with pigs hiding inside them. Fortresses in AR, however, are superimposed on real world objects, and players use real telemetry to attack.
It’s a dynamic shift for Angry Birds’ mechanics that actually revived the franchise. Slingshot can now be placed anywhere, and you need to move in physical space in order to plan a shot. This makes the game more realistic, and users achieve deeper immersion in the war with green pigs.
If users were limited to expensive equipment for virtual reality before, now they only need an AR enabled smartphone to play.
Augmented reality can give a second life to any projects and products, opening up unprecedented opportunities for development. If something is alive as long as it is remembered, then we invented immortality. In our ARROUND universe, we are able not only to revive and spiritualize, but also to digitally immortalize any brand or person.

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