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Apple is working on its augmented reality headset!

Apple is working on its augmented reality headset!
One of the most trusted analysts on Apple products, Ming-Chi Kuo, believes that Apple may start production of augmented reality glasses at the end of 2019. They can go on sale in the first half of 2020. Despite company’s strict confidentiality, Kuo thinks that some of the rumors are plausible. For example, new AR glasses can be similar to the Apple Watch on the principle of operation and function only when connected to the iPhone. They will project information on the display right before your eyes, which will require a large computing power of the smartphone. To recognize the environment and objects, Apple can embed displays and sensors in the headset. The company already had a successful experience in developing augmented reality technologies for interacting with the real world through ARKit for iOS. Many apps use AR technology today, but most of their functions are useless. Apple wants to make its AR product valuable to society. Perhaps the company uses augmented reality headsets to develop Apple Maps data, just like Google. At ARROUND, we use augmented reality not only as a toy but also as a tool for changing the world. Unlike tons of useless apps that are downloaded and deleted every day, ARROUND absorbs all the best that technology can give to humanity.

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