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Warping Art into Augmented reality

Warping Art into Augmented reality
Two new mobile apps, one from Google and another from an indie developer with ties to Magic Leap, invert the creative conceipt by taking the real world and morphing it via augmented reality.
First up is Weird Cuts, the latest in a line of augmented reality apps emerging from the Experiments with Google project, such as Big Bang AR, Just a Line, and Notable Women.
And then there’s Doodle Cam from Kevaid and developer Aidan Wolf. The app’s key feature is similar, except instead of pulling images out of the real world, Doodle Cam can cut out drawings, logos, text out of their 3D surroundings. Users can then recolor the doodles and continue copying and pasting them into their personal space.
"We’re really excited about augmented reality because it opens up a way for artists to tell stories visually," said Kuo.
We at Arround support all ideas for using augmented reality, but we are so upset that developers are wasting their energy on creating countless apps when can use just one — ARROUND! After all, soon it will work with maximum functionality: navigation, advertising, sports, cryptocurrency, education, poster, social. Network, dating and more.
Join, participate in the creation of a new universe of augmented reality!

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