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Change Reality When Dancing
The new Posemoji app allows you to create special effects in augmented reality with your body movements! All you need is a device with iOS from which you can record and send videos.
The Viro Media team has developed an app that reads movements of hands and body to project visual effects on the real world. You can send a big kiss symbol with a flick of your lips, create a rainbow between your palms, or draw something in the air with spontaneous movements, adding a music track to the video. There are also some exclusive effects for which you have to pay $7.99.
Body tracking works on machine learning technology that uses Viro’s own AR mechanism. It provides 60 frames per second visualization on any iOS device that supports ARKit.
Augmented reality changes the very communication of man with the outside world. We at ARROUND are working to ensure that people exist in both real and virtual universes at the same time, managing their lives in AR as naturally as possible. Very soon, ARROUND will become the main reality where history takes place.

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