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FaceApp is on HYPE again.
FaceApp is on HYPE again.

Only lazy ones didn’t write the news regarding FaceApp last week: the world’s largest tabloids, the American politicians and even the FBI ?. Released in 2017, FaceApp today provides an opportunity to try on «old age» filter to look at aging oneself — and this is a great content for a colleague’s B-day congratulations. After all, this filter is back now with much more realistic and accurate images, thanks to improved technology of AI-based photo-editing. ?

Yes, the experts, the scientists and the politicians are now on a high alert. But to be frank: to edit photos you need access to photos, it’s logical, right? Although foreign media accuse Russian developers (?) of users’ names and images stealing for commercial use, there is no firm evidence to prove that.

Well, high secret photos can be stored in highly protected folders or a drive.Many security experts are willing to agree with us, those who are skeptical about the James Watley statements. There is even an opinion that Wireless Labs gets an access only to those photos that users themselves have specifically chosen for editing in augmented reality.

Our application requests an access to photos and camera too, but only for the users convenience.

We need this type of access to provide our users with the maximum enjoyment from the Augmented Reality Universe.?

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