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Microsoft Introduced HoloLens2 Mixed Reality Glasses

Microsoft Introduced HoloLens2 Mixed Reality Glasses
HoloLens2 impose a virtual image on real world and work on eye-tracking sensors, enabling users to control everything with the natural instinctual gestures. The field of view is more than doubled, and at the same time Microsoft retains primacy in holographic density — 47 pixels per degree of view. For comparison, the closest competitor — Sensics zSight 1920 — has 32 pixels per degree (with human fovea having 60).
New glasses see user’s hands’ movements without additional equipment: this allows you to work with virtual objects the same way as with real ones.
Microsoft believes that HoloLens2 demonstrates the entry of humanity into a new era of technology, where the 2D world is completely transformed into 3D. In addition to improving performance and saving energy, the new mixed reality glasses also have a center of gravity balancing and the ability to adjust the headset. The price of this miracle is $3,500.
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