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With the NBA AR App
In addition to broadcasting games in virtual reality, the association developed an app specifically to immerse fans into behind the scenes atmosphere of the NBA. There they can watch the basketball stars almost alive, exploring exclusive shots with their favorite athletes.
The League began experimenting with VR back in 2014, anticipating the future popularity of immersive media. You can watch a recorded game anywhere, and seeing what is happening behind the scenes is a very rare opportunity. That is why the NBA sees how virtual reality outmatches other technologies — it can show all this with the maximum immersion degree.
Online VR technology is not yet available to the NBA, but the 360-degree video gives a complete picture of what is happening in the photos. With the help of arrows in the corners, fans can move through them as if they were inside.
Immersion time was longer than expected, the NBA says. People like to feel the reality of being provided by AR and VR technologies. Participation causes a greater emotional response from fans, many of whom have no opportunity to attend real games. Hundreds of millions of NBA fans around the world would never have been able to get so close to their favorite game without the help of immersive technology.
AR and VR are still evolving, but the NBA is making a big bet on the fact that technology will soon become an important way of interaction between fans and the brand.
Basketball or hockey, football or curling — all sports will be moved to augmented reality sooner or later. In our ARROUND universe we will collect all the world’s games, and you will not be able to distinguish the real game from the virtual one.

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