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Snapchat has made the whole Internet chuckle again with its masks, this time applications offers a transformation of a woman into a man with a massive chin and stubble, and a man into a pretty lady with long eyelashes. Snap uses neural networks to recognize faces and apply masks.
However, neural networks are not only used for entertainment! In the Dali Museum, in Florida, Dali was revived with the help of the DeepFake neuroal network, but only in video, unfortunately.
Dali’s digital face was built by the framed cadres, and then the actor who played the movements just fitted into it. It turned into 40 minutes video content in total and thousands combinations of various actions.
There are more opportunities to use neural networks: speech recognition, image recognition, video analytics systems, self-learning systems.
Apparently, we are still waiting for immortality, we in ARROUND believe in it! Technologies are rapidly developing, like our universe. Do not miss a chance to see the formation of the new universe! Join us and go to the future with us!

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