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Pokemon Will Save the World From Garbage

Pokemon Will Save the World From Garbage
Niantic will encourage Pokémon GO players to clean up environment on Earth Day. All participants are going to have in-game bonuses and valuable gifts. This year, the Ingress faction is also invited to play and collect garbage on April 22.
For help, Pokémon GO players will receive awards the value of which depends on the number of participants of the action. For example, if 7,000 players gather at the event, then they’ll all be able to earn double the amount of stardust and candies, as well as get bonuses to catch rare Pokemon and fight in raids.
The company holds ecological campaign not for the first time — last year, more than 6.5 tons of garbage were collected thanks to thousands of Pokemon catchers. Niantic are proud of their players, noting the importance of maintaining a clean environment. According to the company, players can have a huge impact on their communities and the health of the entire planet within one day — and the game will help them.
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