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Spider-Man On Your Wall
To promote the movie «Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse» on Blu-ray and DVD, Sony has developed a web action in augmented reality. You do not even need to download the application to try it, just go to the site — and the hero will move to the real world.
On the website, you can turn on the camera of the smartphone and adjust its view on a vertical surface with a web-shaped manual marker. When Spider-Man appears, he can not only stand, but also crawl up the sheer surface, and you can take a picture with him.
The AR is based on web tools from 8th Wall, which were used by Ignite creative agency commissioned by Sony. You can select any of the three movie characters to move them into the physical space on both Android and iOS.
In our multiverse augmented reality, the characters of all the worlds ever created can live together. ARROUND accumulates all the imagination of mankind, and you already can become a part of a new universe with unlimited possibilities.

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