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Augmented Reality Repairing Warships

Augmented Reality Repairing Warships
The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is testing the use of augmented reality headsets to help maintain and repair their ships. The new assisting system is based on the same technologies as Microsoft HoloLens, combining mixed reality and artificial intelligence.
An expert on the coast will be able to see what the headset owner sees on a ship being anywhere in the world. Thanks to real-time audiovisual guidance and three-dimensional holograms, the solution of many complicated tasks will become easier: for instance, if complex mechanisms break down, a professional engineer may need to be consulted. And here comes AR, building a fundamentally new communication between the ship and the land.
Research in the production environment has shown that the use of 3D instructions leads to greater efficiency when working with mechanisms. According to the developers of the project, 3D content is easier to interpret than paper manuals, thus qualitatively affecting the work and attitude of the marines.
Every day, augmented reality integrates deeper and deeper into our life, helping to make the real world more comfortable. We at ARROUND are working to create a new universe where human life will initially be perfectly balanced, incorporating the best of both worlds.

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