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Magic in AR: witchcraft and wizardry are now available for muggles!

Magic in AR: witchcraft and wizardry are now available for muggles!
Pokemon Go developers showed the gameplay of a new Harry Potter based mobile game. American studio Niantic will release Harry Potter: Wizards Unite before the end of 2019. Players will join the special squad of the Ministry of Magic to fight the dark wizards. They also will have to investigate the mystery behind sorcerous portals through which magical creatures enter the real world. Well-known characters of the books will appear in the game as well — for example, Hagrid and Ron Weasley. The mechanics of the game are similar to those of Pokemon Go — players will have to walk in real world investigating points marked with magic. Death Eaters and magical creatures — Dementors or Boggarts — can wait there in augmented reality. They can be fought with different spells known from the books. The game already has a website that introduces the narrative. Magic and AR have always been and will be united. It is the magic that complements our reality so that it becomes boundless for the imagination. We in ARROUND knew about it from the very beginning — how otherwise to explain that the most famous school of witchcraft and wizardry in the world is called HogwARts?

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