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«Yandex» breaks into augmented reality

«Yandex» breaks into augmented reality

Russian company «Yandex» is planning to launch a new service «Sloy», which uses augmented reality technology. According to the «Yandex.Zen» representative, the new service will allow users to be aware of fashion, recognize clothes and accessories and wear virtual masks, which will be available only in AR: «The Interface «Sloy» consists of a tape of recommended videos, scanning mode, which allows you to automatically recognize clothes in commercials, tape subscriptions, camera and user profile. When a user opens one of the videos in the feed, they see additional information about each thing and other similar videos, and can also join the discussion of each element of the image from the video».

The source said that «Sloy» is in beta testing at the moment. More than 100 fashion experts test the service for durability. The first users will see the new «Sloy» this summer, the official presentation is in the fall.

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