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Munch’s paintings came to life in the in the ARROUND universe

The 27th of June a business session was held at the CSHP business club with the participation of Yevgeny Dobrovolsky — the founder of ARROUND, the leader of the augmented reality sphere.

Evgeny was telling how to optimize your business with the help of AR-technologies and bring it beyond the boundaries of ordinary reality. Dobrovolsky showed on his own example that the AR is a new trend of modern business.

Participants of the session not only learned about business life hacks, but also attended the Edward Munch exhibition staying at the same place! ARROUND made a fantastic show: the application allowed guests to enjoy pieces of art by simply pointing the smartphone at the easel.

In addition, there was charming Jessica Rebbit, awaiting the guests in the AR, and she didn’t just accompany businessmen through the exhibition, she even posed for the cameras with pleasure.

Do not worry if you did not get to a business meeting yesterday! Download the app and go to the universe ARROUND, you will find a lot of surprises!


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