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ARROUND on the Red Square on the Russia Day 

June 12, 30000 watched a terrific show at the concert on the Russia Day: the songs of such famous artists of the country as Grigory Leps, Dima Bilan, Stas Mikhailov, Garik Sukachev, Valery, the group «Zvery» and many others in the sky flew cranes, paper airplanes, balloons in the color of the tricolor in augmented reality.

Matreshka dolls were dancing with Leps on the stage and and the blue sky was decorated with our beautiful country’s symbol! This has not been seen: augmented reality is capable of much!

The audience plunged into the magical world of AR thanks to the ARROUND app.

In addition, augmented reality was live on «Russia-1» TV channel: users who posted a video with a 3D-model and scored the most views, showed on the main screen of red square.

Download ARROUND app and and join the augmented reality side!


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