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  • Start up ARROUND!
  • Write reviews of the places where you’ve been
  • Share videos, messages and photos in AR
  • Connect with the people who live, work and play near you
  • Discover the best augmented reality experiences around
  • Share beautiful 3D animated objects with your friends
  • Leave hidden messages in the real world
  • Create the story of your life in stunning augmented reality
  • Available to download now

See the world in augmented reality!

ARROUND offers an incredible new way to interact with the world around you using augmented reality. Create Rounds, your own personal augmented reality objects, and post them in the air around you for others to discover. Connect with your existing friends and effortlessly meet new ones by sharing messages, videos, photos and stunning 3D objects wherever you are.

Great plans for the future

AR is arguably the most anticipated technology of the last 30 years and, along with AI and computer vision, finally promises to deliver on our common vision of the future. The increasing availability of AR, currently on smartphones and soon via smartglasses, coupled with it’s rapid adoption by developers, artists, consumers and advertisers means that its expansion is set to accelerate beyond anything that we can imagine today.

ARROUND has been quick to recognize the potential and direction of this special technology and we are developing an entire ecosystem that will allow AR to flourish. Our goal is to give everyone the opportunity to extend their own lives into our AR world. ARROUND a place to meet friends and make new ones. It’s a place for discovery, for creation and the first global platform capable of delivering engaging and compelling AR advertising messages around the world in the blink of an eye.

ARROUND is at the forefront of this exciting new technology, get in touch to learn more and join our mission to make ARROUND the leading AR technology company in the world.

Neil Bryant
London, UK

The ARROUND Platform

Each element of the ARROUND platform combines to form an ecosystem capable of supporting an advanced consumer and retail application, with blockchain linking all elements of the project together. Advertising inventory and campaigns are registered in the blockchain and paid for by ARR, the native currency of the network. Developers around the world can access the platform to provide 3D models as well as build apps to connect with the citizens of augmented reality world! Privacy, intellectual property and transactions across the network are all registered in blockchain, providing a secure and transparent experience for everyone.

  • The AR advertising network offers a completely new way to engage and delight customers as well as find new ones. We’re already working on campaigns for some of the world’s biggest brands. Get in touch to find out how we can bring your marketing campaign to life!
  • AR Store is our marketplace where users can find new content and applications provided by the leading AR developers and artists from around the world. The store offers free, freemium, paid and subscription services.
  • The AR Map is our 3D point cloud, allowing us to provide pin-point accuracy for each and every immersive AR experience on offer across the network. Anyone using the social network can get involved and begin mapping the world around them.
  • ARROUND’s core feature is our social network, available for free on both Android and iOS. ARROUND is the first AR app to bring augmented reality into a social setting, allowing every user to create and share AR content with their current friends, while making new ones in the process.

Upload your thoughts into augmented reality

ARROUND lets users transfer their photos, videos and messages in augmented reality. Augmented reality means other people can see your messages in a specific place and time.

Build an audience

Have you got an offer that’s just too good to refuse? ARROUND offers a great way to get people in your vicinity interested in your proposal. Just put your offer into augmented reality, and people who are interested will see it!

Find out who was here before you

You arrive at a location and want to see who’s already been there. ARROUND not only lets you immerse yourself in the world of ideas where you are right now, you can also see and message the people who were here before you.

Find exactly what you need

Use ARROUND to avoid missing out on what you’re interested in. For example, you can create a search query for Yellow Jacket. Next time you are near a place where there is a yellow jacket on sale you’ll get a notification on your phone.

Inspire the world around you

Use ARROUND to share your view of the world with your friends. It’s not just about keeping a diary of your life, it’s about engaging the people around you. Share your joy of life with the world and make new friends.

Help fight crime

Are you an eyewitness to something suspicious? Make a photo, video or post a message. Put your post on ARROUND and help keep others in the loop. You can even do this anonymously.

Meet interesting people

Would you like to meet people with the same interests as you? In ARROUND, people meet each other based on their actual interests, lifestyles and where they socialize. One of the main ideas of ARROUND is to find the missing connections between people. Selecting your interests will show you the people nearby who are just like you!

Stand out from the crowd

Create your own calling card that can be seen by anyone who checks you out using the ARROUND camera or through augmented reality glasses

Be first in line for discounts and special offers

Find out what offers are available in a shop by simply pointing your telephone at it. Products with discounts that match your interests instantly appear in front of you. There’s no need to sort through countless shelves and racks to get exactly what you need.

Retail stores

ARROUND enables shops to create targeted advertisements. For example, if using augmented reality advertising is placed on the sign of a sign or in a shop window, when the user's ARROUND camera is directed at the sign, the user sees the AR advert. The advertising message will vary based on the profile and needs of the user. For example, if it is a pharmacy, a young mother will see an offer for diapers, while a middle-aged man might see a discount for vitamins.

Shopping malls

ARROUND users can see contextual augmented reality adverts on the signs of shops or on advertising spaces placed around the mall. They can also use AR navigation — cool animated characters can guide them to the best deals! This is an entirely new way for advertisers and to draw attention to their products and engage clients and when they are close to the point of sale!

Sports events

At sports events, ARROUND users can receive advertising information, navigation details around the sports venue, live info on the match or game stats, watch streamed replays, as well as take advantage of special features (for example, take selfies with the team mascot or put themselves in the background of one of the highlights). We allow organizers to expand their limited real-world ad inventory into augmented reality!


Let’s build a picture of what’s happening around us right here and now together. By creating content on ARROUND, your thoughts, memories, reviews, photos and videos can live into the future. In the years to come, your story will become a part of the place where you created it. The Timeline is a special setting for displaying rounds that let you view the events from the time you are interested in. This is this one of the most epic features of ARROUND, letting users travel through time to see all the different events that were held at the same location.

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