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Create a Whole New Universe With a Wave of Your Hand

Create a Whole New Universe With a Wave of Your Hand
Scientists from CERN created an app that allows to experience the Big Bang and see the birth of all matter in AR. You will live 13.8 billion years and learn how space, time, stars and life appeared. All this will happen in a couple of minutes and in any place you want!
Narrated by mysterious Tilda Swinton’s voice, you will learn about the formation of the first stars, the solar system and all planets, including Earth. The universe will be born right from the palm of your hand. Primordial particles and atoms from which everything is made, supernova explosions, and interstellar nebulae — things that have happened for billions of years will sweep before you in a few minutes.The app projects space to the real world around and allows you to move between the luminous celestial bodies. Wherever you are, you can create your world of shining galaxies and neutron stars. Our ARROUND universe was born from the same Big Bang made of boundless imagination and high technology. The world of augmented reality is not 14 billion years old yet, but its dimensions are already catching up with the visible universe. You can join us and stand at the origins of the new ARROUND universe, where absolutely everything is possible.

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