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Nissan Is Developing Three-dimensional AR Co-drivers

Nissan Is Developing Three-dimensional AR Co-drivers
DrawingAt CES 2019 in January, the company introduced its Invisible-to-Visible technology that combines vehicle’s sensor data with cartography and cloud information to create an AR model. The driver will be able to interact with a 3D map right in the car or with the virtual co-driver, who’ll sit in a passenger seat answering all questions.
Nissan is also considering the idea of creating a virtual world in which people could interact through helping avatars. The concept of metauniverse, as it is called in the company, is becoming more real thanks to the use of 5G when developing AR models.
With the introduction of high-speed data connection, virtual co-drivers will be able to fundamentally influence road trips. Their help will allow drivers not to be distracted from controlling the car for navigation or music, making driving a lot safer. However, such systems still require testing to be reliable on real roads. Rethinking of driving is an ambitious project on which Nissan is working together with Japanese telecom operator NTT DoCoMo.
While Nissan is considering creating a metaverse, we are doing it in ARROUND. Personal avatars and virtual maps are only a small part of the possibilities of augmented reality that captures more and more territory every day. Very soon, you will not be able to remember what the universe was before ARROUND.

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