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Apple Will Change the Future of Online Payments With AR

Apple Will Change the Future of Online Payments With AR
The company introduced Apple Card, which greatly expands the capabilities of payment systems. This should expand Apple Pay’s audience and — potentially — replace banks. This is stated on the company’s website: «A new type of credit card. Created by Apple, not a bank. » The strict policy of Apple as an ardent personal data protector gives it an edge over companies that cannot provide this level of privacy.
Where is augmented reality, you may ask? It’s right there, in AR glasses. With the help of the headset, you can pay for purchases in the most comfortable way — with a light touch or just a glance. This method can be much more convenient than attaching a watch or a smartphone, because it essentially eliminates physical contact. It already exists in the latest models of iPhone X, where you can pay with a single glance at the iPhone.
All banks collect data on the spendings of their customers, and not always these banks can be trusted. Apple is positioning itself as a universal data keeper who has built a reputation on it. This is what should be taken into account when buying AR glasses in near future, as a reliable AR cloud becomes the main priority for saving personal information.
At ARROUND, we want to create our own universe in which nothing threatens users’ data. We are creating a new world of safe augmented reality, where the information of our users will always be private.

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