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Rule The World By Eye Movement!

Rule The World By Eye Movement!
A Moscow student has developed an application that allows to control your phone with the help of blinking, raising eyebrows and other facial movements.
It is always so complicatted when going down to the subway, holding coffee in one hand, sandwich in the second hand and the third one responding to a message ... Oh ...The Third hand! Yes! This is what a man needs in the modern world of gadgets. The problem seems to be really urgent as young designers are trying to solve it.
Like many other designers Denis Shilov is dealing with the problem of the Third hand: He has created an application that reads facial gestures using an ECG. Portable headphones have partially solved th issue, but, unfortunately, the number of combinations is limited and this application will have enough of them to fix the necessary functions.
For example: "I blinked with two, raised my eyes up, raised my eyebrows up — the next track started".
In these three actions, you can lay 343 combinations, in four already 2401. It is exactly enough. Can this idea be introduced into the ARROUND universe?
We admire these ambitious young people who make our world more comfortable. We are ready to accept any suggestions and feedback on our augmented reality universe work, so that help it further rapid development!

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