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ARROUND is always trendy!
Our team consists of young professionals, and we try to keep abreast of the latest technological changes.
Recently, our fan of technology Irina visited the BreakPoint forum, which is conducted by the international student organization AIESEC. A large number of industry titans, IT business, and retail representatives spoke there.
Irina wants to tell you the most interesting things of the lecture she attended!
The speaker was Fabricio Granzha, director of IT at X5 Retail Group and a specialist with more than twenty years of experience in introducing high technologies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and agro-industrial sectors.
Fabrizio noted the growing speed of information availability: "The information that we now receive from one page of The New York Times, people received in their entire life in the 16th century."
In his opinion, technology carries transformation not only in the outside world. They change the very mechanism of communication.
Four areas that will actively develop:
1. Recognition of people, as cameras are everywhere
2. Tagging technologies — labeling andQR codes
3. Voice assistants
4. Integration of AR into all spheres of life
Irina noted the great interest of all the business areas to augmented reality, confirming the words of Fabricio. In order to successfully exist in the modern world, you need to balance between a deep understanding of business and technological processes.
Our augmented reality universe ARROUND follows right this path, combining businesses with the help of augmented reality. Go ahead — change yourself and make the world a better place!


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